LACQUER OUTSIDE(you can choose any one as follow):
1.CLEAR  LACQUER with opening instruction
2.CLEAR  LACQUER without opening instruction
3.GOLD  LACQUER with opening instruction
4.GOLD  LACQUER without opening instruction
LACQUER INSIDE(you can choose any one as follow):
1.CLEAR  LACQUER(mainly used for dried food or condensed milk)
2.GOLD  LACQUER(mainly used for normal sulphuring and acid product)
3.ORGANOSOL  LACQUER(mainly used for high acid product)
4.ALUMINIUM  LACQUER(mainly used for high sulphuring product)

Spec. Main dimension and performance
Nominal Dia
External diameter(mm)
Countersink depth
Curl height
Panel depth
Dry compound
Buckle test
Pop force
Pull force
Long Short
145.4×70.8 155.20 ±0.15 80.60 ±0.15 3.08 ±0.15 2.00 ±0.15 4.50 ±0.15 140 ±15 ≥150 12-26 75-110